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CARE Workshop

(1 Trainer to 12 Participants)



Anyone, Anywhere.

CARE provides skill-building opportunities for health, social service, education, and advocacy professionals, as well as caregivers and nonprofessionals, working with children and families by teaching interactional skills that result in positive outcomes for children. By integrating didactic, multimedia, and experiential components throughout the fast-paced workshop, participants are taught a set of specific, innovative, and evidence-based skills known to improve adult-child relationships. To promote collaboration among participants, techniques are discussed, practiced, and exemplified in a series of activities, including presenter and video demonstrations, large-group activities, small group break-outs, and individual live feedback from presenters as participants practice skills.


  1. Practice activity-based and child-led relationship enhancement methods.

  2. Increase relationship-building techniques through active skill-building.

  3. Utilize strategies for decreasing children's negative behavior.

  4. Identify strengths and challenges of using CARE skills.


Upon completion of the CARE Workshop, participants are encouraged to apply the skills learned to their specific practical setting with children and one-on-one with families, creating a culture that supports children in developing healthy relationships.


The basic CARE model to reach direct providers, caregivers, and those in the community often includes attendance at one CARE Workshop which may range from 3 to 6 hours, tailored to the audience.

Looking for ways to sustain a Culture of CARE within your agency or institution?

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