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Can the CARE Trainings be conducted via web-conference?

Since CARE emphasizes the power of in-person relationships, the trainings heavily incorporate in-person interactions. CARE Workshops are one of the most engaging and fun trainings you will ever attend. We work hard to keep you entertained while you are learning and heavily leverage the energy of in-person participation. Therefore, CARE trainings are not offered by web-conference.

How many people can attend a CARE Workshop?

Typically, we maintain a 1 Trainer to 12 Participant (1:12) ratio for General CARE and 1 Trainer to 10 Participant (1:10) ratio for CARE in the Classroom. Most General CARE trainings are capped at 45 participants total, while most CARE in the Classroom trainings are capped at 30 participants. Have more people you need trained? No problem! We are happy to offer multiple training dates to meet your full training needs.

Will you come to my agency to train, or do I have to come to you?

With our bureau of skilled trainers, we can do either. Several trainers host periodic open or community trainings at their primary location. See our calendar for scheduled events. Our trainers are also flexible in training at your site. Contact us to inquire about your specific needs.

Tell me again, what’s the difference between being a CARE Coach and a CARE Facilitator?

A CARE Coach can provide sustainability support for those in their agency who have already been trained in CARE by an iCARE Collaborative Trainer or a CARE Facilitator. CARE Coaches are not eligible to hold CARE Workshops.

A CARE Facilitator is an individual with a mental health background and who is trained in one of the 5 identified prerequisite parent management training programs. While CARE is not a therapy, a successful Facilitator requires extensive knowledge of the relational and behavioral theories underlying the universal CARE techniques. CARE Facilitators also require training in a mental health field to effectively manage training in the psychoeducational components that comprise CARE.


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